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Capital Formation and Financing Strategies

Our capabilities go beyond simply matching companies with sources of capital. We take pride in ensuring that each company is properly structured to receive maximum exposure within the financial market. It is critical to ensure that information presented to the financial markets is clear and concise to gain the interest of those qualified, industry specific investment firms. We strive to build relationships between companies and their sources of capital. It is imperative that the right investment banking firm is chosen for each company based on their business life-cycle and their capital requirements. Our approach is simple: we have developed a significant “go-to” network of investment banking professionals, broker dealers, fund managers, high net worth investors and service providers that can aid the company in moving forward with its short-term and long-term business plans.

Strategic Market Awareness and Development

The ultimate goal of most businesses is to increase sales and income. Ideally, companies want to attract new customers to their products/services and encourage repeat purchases. Brand awareness refers to how aware customers and potential customers are of a business and its products. Ultimately, achieving successful brand awareness means that a company's brand is well known and is easily recognizable. It is imperative that a company begin early to ensure that the financial community is made aware of its core business, its full business plan and its path to success. Hanover's team works within the financial community to build a strong network of relationships to gain that critical market awareness needed to move the client toward achieving its business success!

Corporate Finance Advisory

Hanover's team focuses on building a team strategy, aid in organizing a client's operational infrastructure, and evaluating a company's financial situation to determine the capital needs of the business.

Shareholder/Investor Relations

It is clear that shareholder activism continues to evolve, expand and increase in influence. Individual investors who have turned to online trading tools and online trading accounts to manage their own portfolios are increasingly more sophisticated and “know” what information is required to best assess the value proposition inherent in any given company – public or private - and what intelligence is necessary to determine whether or not a potential investment risk profile is suitable for their investment consideration. It is essential to the success of any investor relations program that all external communication be treated as a branding effort. Additionally, it is essential that all communications issued by the Company consider the impact on all stakeholders during the strategic planning and drafting process to ensure that the market values the company fairly within the market.

Regulatory Compliance

Governance, Regulatory and Compliance continues to be a complex, ever changing challenge for businesses. It is imperative that a company remain transparent, hold greater objectivity and professionalism to avoid enforcement actions, fines and most importantly reputational risk. Hanover's team of specialists reviews a company's legal framework and offers compliance support and guidance, which allows the client to make the right strategic decision. '

Market Research

Hanover's team will work to provide an overview on the client's industry, the competitive market, the current market conditions as well as providing a list of the most recent completed financings in the sector. This information can then be used to build a strong market awareness campaign.

New Business Development

Hanover can assist in all the activities involved in realizing new business opportunities to include: advice on product or service design, creation of marketing materials, advice and guidance on new or potential acquisitions.

Creative/Collateral Materials

To remain competitive, you need to provide information about your company to employees, investors, existing and potential clients, media, and the general public on an ongoing basis. The company's success depends on how well it communicates with the its investors, employees and shareholders. Key messaging is critical in keeping with branding and transparency.

Everything on Wall Street is changing, evolving, transforming - which in turn is mandating that new, mold-breaking models be adopted to help corporate leadership teams successfully navigate and intelligently access the complex capital markets and build enduring, prosperous companies worthy of investor consideration and support.

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